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Fio´s Home Daycare is a wonderful, clean, loving place for your child to grow and develop in those formative months and years before pre-school. Fio and Maria are so nurturing and caring that my daughter couldn´t wait to start her morning there. I was always at ease knowing she was there and loved the Spanish immersion that she was getting as a bonus. My daughter started at Fio´s Home Day care when she was just six months old and was lucky to be the very first baby in the daycare, having Fio all to herself. But of course, that only lasted a few days before the word got out that Fio had opened her own business. My two nephews have also gone to Fio´s and all the cousins still talk affectionately of Fio´s (my daughter is now entering first grade).


Camas Steinmetz

Menlo Park, CA


Ian started at Fio´s right after his first birthday. I must admit that my husband and I were hesitant at first to start our son in a home daycare after having been with a personal nanny for the first year of his life. Our fears and overall general concerns were quickly squashed after the first week of Ian´s time with Fio and her wonderful ladies. Ian has thrived since having started at Fio´s! We are so incredibly grateful to her, Effie and Maria for all their love, kindness and care they have provided our son. Our family would not be the same without Fio in our lives and we know that when we drop our child off in the morning he is entering a home filled with laughter, support, kindness and love!



Menlo Park, CA


"....our daughter went to Fio when she was about a year old and she loved it from day one - we felt so comfortable giving her into Fio´s hands, we will do it again with our son as soon as he is ready. Our daughter used to be quite a Mama´s child, but she was so happy going to daycare, that all of our worries evaporated immediately. Fio is so warm and loving and incredible with kids....."



Menlo Park, CA